Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It comes when I feel my life is fun enough.
It comes when I thought my life is just doing fine.

It comes when my friends are talking about their love lives.
It comes when I realised how envy I am looking at my friends who has partner to share their days with.

It puzzles me how bad I can be. Am I that bad? Will I ever make a good partner? Girls can be really choosy sometimes or should I say, I’m the one who is choosy.

I can’t help the feeling of being alone. So lame and feels like a loser. They say when the time comes, you’ll eventually find one but not for me though. I’ve waited long enough and suddenly what seems to me is me being paranoid not having anybody for the rest of my life.

I know I can always depend on my family, but can’t I just get a life partner that can share stories before bed and what I have been doing the whole day?
It hurts so much when in fact i’ve been living my life with loneliness. Somehow, I thank God because loneliness taught me a lot about life.

You can’t really depend on a person because someday, they’ll leave you whether you like it or not. My friend loneliness, taught me that and sometimes loneliness can be a really good friend offering the shoulder for me to cry on.

What seems to me that in each of everyone’s life, loneliness would try to get in your way to be your friend. It surely will because I don’t believe that no one has never felt the feeling of loneliness.

How i appreciate loneliness is how you gonna thank me one day for sharing this with you.
salute to loneliness..



raisadora said...

loneliness mcm yg britney nyanyi la kan "my loneliness is killing me" tp sebenarnya terpulang pada individu sendiri... kalau pandai memanfaatkan "loneliness" tu akan memberi kita ilham untuk berkarya atau berekspresi :) manfaatkan sebaiknya...