Monday, May 28, 2012


there are so much going on right now. i do not know if i can handle all these to myself. im in a lot of pain. i could not just think about myself. i have to think about everyone which sucks big time. the family is upside down now and im in no control. tried a few approaches, but that did not seem to work out. I need you ya Allah, please make our family normal again. I am truly sorry for whatever i have done that made my life turn out to be this way. please do not let all these happen. 

i guess there are times in life when u have to go through rough patches that no one would understand except for yourself. i am not just having self-crisis but as well as for the people around me. what did i ever do to deserve this? i am just so tired living like this. why cant it get any easier? i tried to be strong and i tried everything to make it changed but i guess it didnt. 

should i say more?