Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I love cats since the first time I laid my eyes on these creatures.
Let me share something with you, when I was four, I killed this four-legged creature.
I ran down on this creature with a 4 wheels bicycle and I was laughing like it was some kind of a joke.
Later that night, I couldn’t stop thinking about this black-cute-naive little kitten because it didn’t do any harm but trying to get attentions.
Come to think about it, how can I be so mean and killed an innocent creature which was just trying to be fed and wanting me to keep him as a pet?
From that moment, i pledged to myself that I won’t hurt these creatures but help them go through their lives.
The least I could do is feeding the strays whenever i see them.
When i was about 7 or 8, We had 2 cats and their name were BOYOT and BABY.
Boyot was a very cute and fluffy cat. He just knows how to tackle us and we just couldn’t say no to his face. I wish i could show you his picture, but he was gone before we can take the pictures.
Baby on the other hand was a very active cat. However, he had this one skill that I won’t forget. He’d jump and trying to get our attentions whenever we passed by. I guess he was my favourite one because Boyot was my sister’s favourite.
When these two were gone, we couldn’t replace them with a new one. Not even ONE. But one day, my dad came back with a six-fingers-siamese-stray cat. She was named Lucky because we thought she would bring us luck. She produced many little kittens and i named them after characters in Lion King from Mufasa, to Scar, Sarabi, and the cubs, Simba and Nala, Kiara and Covur and many others.
Few months later, my dad was promoted and we were transferred to Muar, and the saddest part was we couldn’t bring them all. Lucky stayed because she was gone. We couldn’t find her, and my dad only wanted Kiara to come along. There in Muar, Kiara produced from generation to generation.
I just couldn’t remember the name anymore.

Currently, there are two cats that I really love so much. One is Kitty or his real name is Ryan Rigoberto (my little sister named him)
and one more is Creamy or Muhammad Kimi (hahahaha). They’re wonderful and i just love these cats. Kitty has a love-shaped on its body and creamy is a Persian who really knows how to tackle a person. He would be scared the first time he sees you but he’ll be the best cat if you know how to break the ice.
I met one more cat which i fell in love right away when i heard about him. He’s blue-eyes and he’s deaf (Dont worry BOBO, we’re almost the same). Though he’s my junior’s (Satek) pet, but i believe i would see him more often from today onwards. InsyaAllah.