Monday, June 15, 2009

Goodbye happiness.. Hello sadness

A tough year for me.
We have to move out from the house by the end of this month.
*Sighs* i just hate the owner n i wish i could kill those two stuck up animals.
Well, where do we stay? What kind of place would we live in?
I cannot imagine a life out of this area, Im just so used to this area n I love this house.
This is obviously a test from God but its too heavy for me n my family.
How long do we have to go through this? I thought this year would be our year since we've been living this kind of life since few years back. But everything is just the same. well, to add the injury, it is indeed getting worst. No improvement, no nada!
Sometimes i wonder if this is the life that im gonna have to go thru till the end of my last breath.
I'm so tired n I'm starting to give up in life at such a young age.
Complaining is not the way to solve things i know, but i just need a place to tell just about how i feel right now.
.Pray for me.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hackett London

Hackett this season brings out many designs to the community. Can be worn by youngsters and as well as the elders. Check out these few designs that actually captured me for a mo. I was stunned but not really surprised. It's Hackett..

This one can be worn for casual outing. It has different colours so that u can mix n match with ur other attire.

Tips : It doesnt mean if u're wearing a blue tshirt, u have to get everything blue. it depends on the outfit n play with colours.

Hackett provides more than just casual n formal attire. They also have swim wear for men who knows more than just Speedo. LOL!

This is my favourite! all the t-shirt is fantastic. Hackett provides cool tshirt to the fashionista who has taste for fashion. It's all bout the money!

This one can be worn for parties and of course to certain functions or cocktail party.

They also have style advisor. Have u ever wondered what should u wear for an occasion? suitable attire for the evening? Hackett gives u tips for that too. This one is for Formal Dinners.
As everyday dressing appears to be getting less and less formal it is nice to get dressed up once in a while. It is difficult to look sharper than in a neat fitting Dinner Jacket. I tend to stick to the classic single-button, peak lapelled variety, as favoured by the style icons of the 60s. Either a pleated front or Marcella dress-shirt should do the job, finished off with a black silk bow tie.self tied of course.

When it comes to weddings, I am often asked about how to spruce up the traditional look. After some thought I always come back to the same conclusion; our forefathers had it spot on. A sleek black morning coat: pastel coloured linen waistcoat; pressed black and grey striped trousers; highly polished black Oxfords; woven silk tie and a crisp white poplin shirt, fresh out of the packaging. The only thing you need to worry about is what flower to put in your button-hole.
(2nd day at the hotel?? perhaps)

Check out and click HERE

I went to watch this movie a few days back..
keluar 11th of june, tp aku tak tau plak usually it will come out one day before..
we watched the first showla kiranya..
i went to watch with Satek n Naim.
It was as funny as hell, disgusting as hell, n shocking as hell.
No wonder its called Drag Me To HELL..
One of the scene i couldnt forget is when the girl was trying to pack her things, tetiba je that old lady appeared. Naim was shouting out loud. kelakar gile dowh, i was laughing my lungs out.
Hahahahaha... Naim, naim..
Satek tutup mata, aku ada gak la terkejut n terjentat, tp not as bad as them. Kaki masing2 naik atas, ahahahahaha..
Well done Sam Raimi, it is one of the most interesting movie...
out of 5, i give 4 for this horror, humour movie

we might LOSE you B4-4-3, but we're trying our BEST now

I was told by my mom today that the owner of our apartment is asking for the money already..
we have a week left to find the money.. if not, we're so going to be thrown n jadi beggars.. wah malu, takut, sedih, smua ada.. 2 months tak byar sewa rumah..
smua sbb keparat yg tipu mak aku.. my mom kena tipu 20k plus dari org kastam.. dh la she was the middle person, so automatically, she has to ganti the money to the first party while the third party, senang2 je enjoy dgn duit tu. *sighs*
kesian mama, i never thought she would have to go through all these. nasib la cuti ni im spending most of my time with her. keluar pon blh kira ngan jari.
well, a few people offered their money such as amri a.k.a piller, how thoughtful, and then my cousin, but i think i wont accept piller's help, i mean, no one would ever do this to a new friend, but he's just there. i'm so thankful that God sent a friend like him. this is the type of friend that will always be on my list. tq piller, but i cant accept because, i dont want to ruin the friendship because of money.
tah bila la my mom would get the payment, n i dont think if he gives me the money, when would i be available to return back the money. so, i just wont take the risk to lose a friend like him.
Anyhoo, a few others just ignore at times like this.. *sighs*
its beyond expectation. im puzzled, n wordless.
to Zz, thanks for calling all the way from aussie n letting me know that u're a family. u're willing to help n i appreciate that a lot. when mama hit the project, i promise u we'll double the payment.
well, what a life.. challenges n obstacles, we're almost give up..
at least, that's what i thought.
sorry for not writing all this while, many things happened n i just dont have the mood to write.. till then