Sunday, June 14, 2009

we might LOSE you B4-4-3, but we're trying our BEST now

I was told by my mom today that the owner of our apartment is asking for the money already..
we have a week left to find the money.. if not, we're so going to be thrown n jadi beggars.. wah malu, takut, sedih, smua ada.. 2 months tak byar sewa rumah..
smua sbb keparat yg tipu mak aku.. my mom kena tipu 20k plus dari org kastam.. dh la she was the middle person, so automatically, she has to ganti the money to the first party while the third party, senang2 je enjoy dgn duit tu. *sighs*
kesian mama, i never thought she would have to go through all these. nasib la cuti ni im spending most of my time with her. keluar pon blh kira ngan jari.
well, a few people offered their money such as amri a.k.a piller, how thoughtful, and then my cousin, but i think i wont accept piller's help, i mean, no one would ever do this to a new friend, but he's just there. i'm so thankful that God sent a friend like him. this is the type of friend that will always be on my list. tq piller, but i cant accept because, i dont want to ruin the friendship because of money.
tah bila la my mom would get the payment, n i dont think if he gives me the money, when would i be available to return back the money. so, i just wont take the risk to lose a friend like him.
Anyhoo, a few others just ignore at times like this.. *sighs*
its beyond expectation. im puzzled, n wordless.
to Zz, thanks for calling all the way from aussie n letting me know that u're a family. u're willing to help n i appreciate that a lot. when mama hit the project, i promise u we'll double the payment.
well, what a life.. challenges n obstacles, we're almost give up..
at least, that's what i thought.
sorry for not writing all this while, many things happened n i just dont have the mood to write.. till then