Monday, June 15, 2009

Goodbye happiness.. Hello sadness

A tough year for me.
We have to move out from the house by the end of this month.
*Sighs* i just hate the owner n i wish i could kill those two stuck up animals.
Well, where do we stay? What kind of place would we live in?
I cannot imagine a life out of this area, Im just so used to this area n I love this house.
This is obviously a test from God but its too heavy for me n my family.
How long do we have to go through this? I thought this year would be our year since we've been living this kind of life since few years back. But everything is just the same. well, to add the injury, it is indeed getting worst. No improvement, no nada!
Sometimes i wonder if this is the life that im gonna have to go thru till the end of my last breath.
I'm so tired n I'm starting to give up in life at such a young age.
Complaining is not the way to solve things i know, but i just need a place to tell just about how i feel right now.
.Pray for me.


Hfz. said...

erm tu la life full dngn bende yg kite x sangke...
be strong raisul!!!..