Sunday, June 14, 2009

I went to watch this movie a few days back..
keluar 11th of june, tp aku tak tau plak usually it will come out one day before..
we watched the first showla kiranya..
i went to watch with Satek n Naim.
It was as funny as hell, disgusting as hell, n shocking as hell.
No wonder its called Drag Me To HELL..
One of the scene i couldnt forget is when the girl was trying to pack her things, tetiba je that old lady appeared. Naim was shouting out loud. kelakar gile dowh, i was laughing my lungs out.
Hahahahaha... Naim, naim..
Satek tutup mata, aku ada gak la terkejut n terjentat, tp not as bad as them. Kaki masing2 naik atas, ahahahahaha..
Well done Sam Raimi, it is one of the most interesting movie...
out of 5, i give 4 for this horror, humour movie


Hfz. said...

ak br tngok movie hari..
mcm haram cite die...
ending x ble bla...
ak scene gado kt kete..
gile kuat makcik tu..