Thursday, December 18, 2008

uitm oh uitm

Waited since last night to check my result..
i was in front of this laptop at 12 sharp, it says that after what meeting ntah..
it kept me waiting n checked for d last time at 5..
was too sleepy to wait so i decided to sleep.
Woke up at 10 a.m just now and mama was shocked to see that i was awake at this hour.
hahaha... opened the student portal n still no result..
f*ck la uitm, n the best part is, it is postponed to 18th of december, which is now..
at 12.30 a.m, i checked again n it says, after meeting senat lah ape lah..
stupid right? buat aku nervous je.. dayumn..
i really hope i could score this semester.. that's wat i've been praying since d day i left melaka..
up to now, im still hoping.
somehow i wish i can be the best among the best, but i know that in a way, i wont be one.
its not that im being low self esteem or wat, but d way that i know of..
*sighs* things have changed a lot lately, i no longer feel enjoy with nightlife although sometimes i really want to go, but knowing that in the end, i wud feel ''wat is this? where's d fun? why d drama?'' im just so sick of it..
hurmm.. back to uitm, a week left n im off to malacca, no matter what they'll say, i'm gonna do my best next semester..
that's my self pledged..
pray for me everyoneeee....


raisadora said...

scaryyyyyy... when u left the internet is working lol... what can i say...

DicKiE aDaMs said...

wahhh kutie dah ade blog! interaktif sgt! haha

erm skg result dah kuar.. amacam? ok x?

welcome to blogsphere! letak la pic byk2.. bru besh!