Monday, December 22, 2008

happiness? i guess so..

18th of december 2008..
aku bangun2, dan2 tu la takde internet.. n i waited d whole day, still tak dpt check internet..
how scary, when i left the house, kak na told me tetiba je ckp ade internet..
maybe nak kasi surprise betul2 ni...
so i called fateen to check my result, n i was quite impressed.. for the first time in my life, i mean, for the fucking 3 years i've been in malacca, tis is the 1st time dpt 3 pointer..
3.29.. hehehe, what an achievement huh? in a way, im proud of myself but half of me says i could get more than that..
i texted mama, daddy, kakak2 n mummy telling about my result.. they r so proud of me..
hahaha, so i went out to celebrate with my beloved friends..
ended up sleeping at zz's place..
watched hindustan for 4 fucking hours.. hahaha.. bodoh zz gi tido..
i started to feel the ''galau'' because im leaving in a few days time...
21st of december, i was told i'll get 1k n i thought i could persuade my stepmom to add another few k's to get a new laptop.. how sad, she refused to help..
maybe betul la kot she doesnt have money to help at the moment.
but i worked my ass off to get a new laptop n i struggled like hell when i was in malacca.
why cant they c my effort? i just want a new laptop so that i wont have to use some one else's laptop. im just so sick knowing the fact that i have to pinjam laptop from someone n someday, that person might want to use it n there goes the unfinish assignment..
am i being needy? tak kan? its for my studies.. not that i asked for a car as a matter of fact, i should get one.. im d only son, what do u expect. orang slalu ckp anak lelaki ni habiskan harta mak bapak, but i dont c where its coming from.
on the other side of the story, im just not sure whether they're proud of me or not.
as much as i want them to be proud of me, i know that nothing is enough for them.
thanks to kak long for making the effort n sees the values in me. she sees things in me that i think only she can see.. thanks k.long..
oh btw, tok mi is here n i was so happy when she said "im gonna make u ur favourite temosa"
havent had that for years.. me misses temosa gila babs sial..
hahahaha.. makan byk gila sampai sakit perut...
anyway, i dont want to complain much n i dont want to keep hoping.. i guess i have to get the laptop with my own effort.. n u know what they say kan? if wishes were horses, beggars would ride, so its not easy to get everything u ever wanted.. enuff for today i guess..


Aliya Azmi said...

welcome to blogsphere, kuti! LOL

adaliciOus said...

being needy is good for education sake. =)

rysoul said...

thanks to both of u..