Monday, July 6, 2009

New dreams unfulfilled...

These are my latest dreams. I wish i can get these as soon as mama strikes the project.
i wish God would help us go through this hard times. Please no more hardship.
I am learning now from what i've learned last time. n it does feel good sumtimes to live in poverty but in the end, u get all the money in the world. That will only make u appreciate money.
Like how u gonna spend them and not just buy things that r necessary. Sharing with others so that u'll get more.
i've planned everything over the last semester break on what im gonna do with the money (if i get, INSYAALLAH)
Am praying hard now, i know it sounds unfair because this is the only time i seek for HIS help, but at least, i think of HIM and ask from one n only LORD i trust.
Hopefully fortune awaits me..