Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The isolation

i guess being a hero doesnt always stay that way..
rescuing one of the juniors really make me feel like i have done sumthin.. (at least)
3 am, i was suffocating n hell i couldnt breathe. felt like shit though..
dah lama sial tak sakit n i felt like dying for God sake. repent was the only thing on my mind..
went to the loo for about two times. stomach was all empty. threw it all out without leaving anything inside. felt the bitter urgghhh n it hurts so much.
woke up early, continued sleeping. woke up again, slept again, Saring made me eat the panadol n i havent been eating the whole day. Stomach was singing but the throat went nagging doesnt want anything to go thru it.
later that night, they took me to the clinic, it was so packed that we decided to go to hospital Alor Gajah. Pakguard plak tak kasi, stress betul laaaa... went back to the clinic, checked the temperature, and mine was 39.1 degree celcius. Doctor Sapura said that i should be dripped n no need to worry with the empty stomach because the water consists of sugar n vitamin n bla bla bla. that was my first time doing it, so i took my palm to cover my mouth. the nurse was laughing a bit n started saying things like "its ok, sikit je ni" i was embarassed.. OGD..
few hours later, we were sent to the rumah tamu. Peta and I reached there at 3 sumthin n we slept right away. When i woke up the next morning, i thought its 5 or 6 pm... my batt was flat and obviously i didnt know what time was it.. Damn it was only 10 am!!!!!!!!!!
Mcm bodo je kan. Quite an experience la.. Penat kot lepas tido tido, dulu i have always wanted to be sick not be able to go to class, but to feel the sickness i went thru recently, its better to go to class than stay in the room couldnt do anything. Helpless, Useless... ntah la..
Maybe this is a test from Allah for me to stay grateful. always be grateful for what he has given.
Oh, i was isolated for 16 hours at rumah tamu.. i repeat, ISOLATED... not QUARANTINED...
(according to Dato Mizan) *wink wink*